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August 16, 2017

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Brian Fagan's Stocks and Speculations

An International Forum for Stock Speculators

I'm Brian Fagan, editor of Stocks and Speculations (SaS). I'm a Stock Speculator! The purpose of the SaS Digest is to provide you with some of the very best ideas from the very best stock speculators. Ninety-percent of our focus at SaS is on Canadian listed companies in the natural resource sector.

Who are the best stock speculators?

For my money, the best stock speculators available are the newsletter writers and analysts who cover the industries that interest them most. For these individuals, researching and writing is not a job. It's a lifestyle and a passion! They have to love it - and - they have to be right the majority of the time to keep their subscribers and/or professional positions.

No doubt, you can make oodles of money by carefully reading and following many of the top writers. One limiting factor here is that most speculators get to see and read only a small portion of what's available. I try to surmount this problem by subscribing to and reading a huge amount of this material, then post and email what looks most interesting to SaS subscribers. These postings give SaS subscribers leads to a vast amount of general and specific investment ideas and thinking that they can follow-up on to suit their own personal investment objectives.

I encourage you to sign up for a complimentary subscription to Stocks and Speculations. Stay tuned; bookmark this site; and come back often to see what's new at SaS.

13-Aug-17 - Frank Holmes -- CEO and Chief Financial Officer -- U.S. Global Investors -- "Is this the Start of a Hot New Metals Bull Market?"

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06-Aug-17 - Eric Coffin -- Editor, Hard Rock Advisories -- Journal Editorial -- "Reporting Season"
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30-Jul-17 - SaS - Brian Fagan -- Editor, Stocks and Speculations -- iMetal Resources Inc. -- Brian Fagan elected Director and appointed President, CEO, at iMetal's July 27, 2017, AGM
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23-Jul-17 - Eric Coffin -- Editor, Hard Rock Advisories -- Journal Editorial -- "It's Complicated"
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16-Jul-17 - Gwen Preston -- Editor, Resource Maven -- "Working in the Yukon"
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